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Each fall, Public Health works with local veterinarians to coordinate special low-cost clinics to ensure people in the community have access to low-cost rabies vaccinations for dogs and cats, 3 months of age or older. Veterinarians, veterinary staff, animal control and wildlife workers. Links. For post-exposure prophylaxis of immunocompetent persons previously unimmunized with rabies vaccine, four 1.0 mL doses of HDCV or PCECV should be administered IM. Non-Core Vaccines: Non-core vaccines are given based on where your dog lives and the conditions they will be living in. If possible, the full dose of RabIg should be thoroughly infiltrated into the wound and surrounding area. Refer to Immunization in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding in Part 3 for additional general information. The usual incubation period is proportional to the distance from the portal of entry to the brain, and may vary from several days to years (most commonly 3 to 8 weeks). Pre-exposure rabies immunization should be offered to workers at high risk of occupational exposure to potentially rabid animals or to the rabies virus. The use of corticosteroids to attenuate the allergic response may inhibit the immune response to the vaccine. External Resources. These exposures require a risk assessment that consider the likelihood of saliva contamination (e.g., did the animal lick the wound? All dogs, cats and ferrets over three months of age in Ontario must be immunized against rabies and re-immunized in accordance with the certificate of immunization issued. Clinical signs of rabies in wild animals cannot be interpreted reliably. Bites on the face, neck or hand are considered higher-risk exposures due to the density of nerve endings in these areas. Larger rodents such as ground hogs (woodchucks) and beavers can potentially carry rabies, although it is rare in Canada. Depending on the risk of exposure, it may be appropriate to consider temporarily discontinuing immunosuppressive medications, in consultation with the attending physician, or to vaccinate once the person is no longer considered immunocompromised. Therefore, the incidence and prevalence data for animal rabies are influenced by the likelihood that an animal will have these types of encounters in the different jurisdictions, and that the animal will be captured and submitted for testing. These clinics are on a cash only basis and will be administered first come, first … Refer to. When a bat is found in the room with a child or an adult who is unable to give a reliable history, assessment of direct contact may be difficult. The City of Hamilton’s goal is to vaccinate up to 500 pets on Saturday, on a first come, first served basis. Rabies is transmitted only when the virus is introduced into a bite wound, open cuts in skin, or onto mucous membranes such as the mouth or eyes. Corneal transplants are the most common non-bite exposures leading to human rabies. Read about nutrition, exercise, vaccinations, spaying and neutering, common parasites and preventing dental disease. The first dose (day 0) of the four-dose course of rabies vaccine should be administered as soon as possible after exposure based on the considerations discussed in the Management of the person after exposure to a potentially rabid animal section. In North America, rabies occurs mainly in bats, foxes, skunks, raccoons and stray dogs and cats. The majority of reported events were mild. A history of a serious allergic or neuroparalytic reaction occurring during the administration of rabies vaccine poses a significant dilemma in the post-exposure situation. For complete prescribing information, consult the product leaflet or information contained within the product monograph available through the Health Canada's Drug Product Database. Both HDCV and PCECV have been shown to be effective in boosting immunity in previously immunized individuals, if given either as a pre-exposure booster or for post-exposure management. History of household exposure to a bat: 16.7%, * NACI has not yet deliberated on the use of KamRAB™ or HyperRAB®. The period of rabies virus shedding in a wild terrestrial carnivore (such as a skunk, fox or raccoon) or in an exotic pet (other than a ferret) is unknown. Rabies virus is readily demonstrable in brains of animals with neurologic symptoms. Analysis conducted in Canada estimated that a case of human rabies related to bedroom exposure to a bat (i.e., finding a bat in the room of a sleeping person with no recognized physical contact with the bat) is expected to occur in Canada once every 84 years. The fee is $20.00 per vaccination or microchip, and payment is cash only. Read our Dog Owner's Handbook orCat Owner's Handbook. The vaccination schedule for post-exposure prophylaxis should be adhered to as closely as possible and it is essential that all recommended doses of vaccine be administered. Each fall, local veterinarians, in co-operation with the Health Unit, organize low-cost rabies vaccination clinics in the area. At first indication of rabies in the animal, arrange to have the animal tested for rabies. Many of our vets who support our clinics were not able to participate this year. Corticosteroids, other immunosuppressive agents, and immunosuppressive illnesses (e.g., congenital immunodeficiency, human immunodeficiency virus [HIV] infection, leukemia, lymphoma, generalized malignancy) may interfere with the antibody response to rabies vaccine. they should not be decapitated. In this circumstance, antibody concentration should be checked at least 2 weeks after completion of the vaccine series. Domestic dogs and cats are less likely to be rabid than stray dogs or cats. In addition, an encounter with a potentially rabid animal is more likely to be recognized in a domestic animal. A serum sample may be collected before the initiation of post-exposure prophylaxis to test for rabies antibody, and if an acceptable antibody concentration (0.5 IU/mL or greater) is demonstrated, the vaccine course may be discontinued, provided that at least two doses of vaccine have been given. salivary contact with open skin or mucous membrane, transplant of infected organs), or direct contact with a bat. When the rabies virus is inoculated into a wound, it must be taken up at a nerve synapse to travel to the brain, where it causes fatal encephalitis. This factor should be considered when determining the appropriate post-exposure management. Post-exposure prophylaxis should begin immediately following exposure to a wild terrestrial carnivore (such as a fox, skunk or raccoon) in enzootic areas, unless the animal is available for rabies testing and rabies is not considered likely. Population and Public Health Branch. Post-exposure prophylaxis is highly effective in preventing rabies. Data are not available regarding the concurrent administration of rabies vaccines with other vaccines. Therefore, it is important for health care providers to consult local public health departments regarding local epidemiology and for public health officials to remain current, based on information from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) website: Positive Rabies in Canada. Two of these cases of rabies have been attributed to probable aerosol exposures in laboratories, and two cases have been attributed to possible airborne exposures in caves containing millions of bats; however, alternative infection routes cannot be discounted in several of these cases. Initiation of post-exposure prophylaxis should not be delayed beyond 48 hours while waiting for laboratory tests, if the exposure is from a terrestrial animal in an enzootic area. The second is Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. The Public Health Agency of Canada's National Microbiology Laboratory (NML) is the Canadian rabies reference laboratory. Rabies vaccine can prevent rabies. People who require a booster dose of rabies vaccine can be given PCECV or HDCV, regardless of the vaccine used for the initial vaccination series. These small animals can, theoretically, become infected by bat strains of rabies; however, no cases of transmission of bat strains of rabies from these animals to humans have been documented. Post exposure vaccine and RIG administration form for physicians. Refer to Vaccine Administration Practices in Part 1 for additional information. Cost: $10-$15. Learn about the browsers we support. In Canada and the US, foxes, skunks, raccoons and bats may be reservoirs capable of transmitting infection to dogs, cats, livestock and people. Rabid bats have been found in most regions across Canada. If vaccine is given by the ID route, post-immunization antibody titres should be determined at least 2 weeks after completion of the vaccine series, and after booster doses, to ensure that an acceptable level of protection has been achieved. It is expected that a new rabies vaccine program will be developed in the coming months, following consultations with … Each 1.0 mL dose of HDCV or PCECV contains at least 2.5 international units (IU) of rabies antigen, which is the WHO recommended standard. In such instances, the RabIg can be diluted in a diluent permitted by the specific product labeling to provide RabIg in sufficient volume for thorough infiltration of all wounds. 2020 Fees for Ontario SPCA Spay-Neuter Services Surgery Female/Male Cat $75 Male Dog under 20 kg $125 Male Dog 20-40 kg $165 Male Dog over 40kg $200 Female Dog under 20 kg $150 Female Dog 20-40 kg $190 Female Dog over 40kg $225 Note: All animals must be between the ages of four months and … Rabies is an almost always fatal viral infection of the central nervous system. Headache and low-grade fever may follow administration of RabIg. Between 1956 and 1977, four cases of human rabies may have been acquired through aerosolized virus across mucous membranes. One year later, protective antibody concentrations were maintained in 98.3% of subjects. Post-exposure vaccination should never be postponed. Based on expert opinion, live vaccines given by nasal or oral route and essential inactivated vaccines, may be administered at the same time as rabies vaccines. To help protect people and pets from rabies, Ontario law (Regulation 567, Rabies Immunization) requires animal owners to vaccinate specific animals against rabies. Of these 36 bat-related human cases, the types of exposures reported were as follows: Figure 1: Rabies - Number of Deaths in Canada, 1924-2009. Visit our Rabies Clinic page to learn about low-cost rabies vaccination clinics. Low-cost rabies clinics. Both institutions consider the antibody titre of at least 0.5 IU/mL as an acceptable correlate of protection. 1 As outlined by the Government of Canada, 2 pre-exposure rabies vaccination is usually recommended for those who do certain kinds of work or activities with a high risk of rabies exposure, such as: Generally, rabies is less likely in domestic animals, particularly domestic dogs, compared to stray animals, due to the following factors: domestic animals are more likely to be vaccinated; and domestic animals may spend less time outdoors where exposure to a potentially rabid animal could occur. Between 2006 and 2010, a total of 1005 cases of confirmed animal rabies were reported in Canada. Post-exposure prophylaxis should not be delayed beyond 48 hours while waiting for test results in wild animals. Systemic allergic reactions characterized by generalized urticaria and accompanied in some cases by arthralgia, angioedema, fever, nausea and vomiting have been reported. Refer to Post-exposure prophylaxis of previously immunized individuals for information on the post-exposure management of these individuals. Aerosol transmission is rare as is transmission when scratches, wounds, or mucous membrane are contaminated from saliva or infected neural tissue. Discontinue the vaccine if rabies testing of the involved animal is negative. Post-exposure prophylaxis with two doses of, Documentation of a complete course of pre-exposure or post-exposure prophylaxis with HDCV or PCECV, OR, Documentation of complete immunization with other types of rabies vaccine, or with HDCV or PCECV according to unapproved schedules, with the demonstration of an acceptable concentration of neutralizing rabies antibody in serum after completion of the series. If the bat is available for testing, post-exposure prophylaxis may be discontinued after consultation with public health officials if the bat tests negative for rabies. RabIg is a solution of anti-rabies Ig for IM administration, prepared from the pooled human plasma of screened donors immunized with rabies vaccine. From 1998 to 2009, NACI recommended that people who may not be aware of or able to report a bat bite (e.g., sleeping person, young child, cognitively impaired) be offered intervention if a bat was found in the room with them. The CFIA veterinarian should be contacted to assist with determining the need for testing, organizing the testing and following-up potential exposures to other domestic animals. There are different antigenic variants of rabies virus distinguished by laboratory testing. In North America, domestic dog and cat exposures may be managed differently than in other areas of the world, where the prevalence of rabies in these animals is higher, and where programmes to control the populations of stray dogs are not in place. Such reactions have been shown to follow the development of IgE antibodies to beta propiolactone-altered human serum albumin in the vaccine. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This precaution is not known to apply to other antimalarial drugs. Arrange to have animal tested for rabies if available. Determination of antibody response is also advisable if post-exposure vaccination is given to those whose immune response may be reduced by illness or medication. Because of the excellent immune response to rabies vaccine, healthy people immunized with an appropriate regimen do not require routine antibody determinations after either pre-exposure or post-exposure rabies vaccination, unless one of the following applies: People with ongoing high risk of exposure to the rabies virus or potentially rabid animals require periodic serological testing to ensure the persistence of circulating antibodies. needs JavaScript to function properly and provide you with a fast, stable experience. However, if the animal has or develops signs suggestive of rabies, post-exposure prophylaxis of exposed persons should be initiated immediately. If the suspect animal is a dog, cat or ferret that is healthy and available for observation, post-exposure prophylaxis may be withheld, pending the animal's status after a 10-day observation period. In the event of exposure to a fox, skunk, raccoon or bat in areas where rabies is known to occur in these animals, post-exposure prophylaxis should begin immediately unless the animal is available for rabies testing and rabies is not considered likely. Surveillance Consult appropriate public health and CFIA officials. Abnormal behaviour in a domestic pet may indicate that the animal is rabid. If possible, the animal should be humanely euthanized and the brain tested for rabies as soon as possible; holding for observation is not recommended. Petting a rabid animal or handling its blood, urine or feces is not considered to be an exposure; however, such contact should be avoided. If using the ID route for a booster dose, serology should be checked at least 2 weeks after the booster dose. restrictions et des mesures de la santé publique. In this circumstance, antibody concentration should be checked at least 7 to 14 days after completing the series. Children are considered at higher risk for exposure to rabies because they may be more likely to approach animals and are less likely to report bites or scratches. If indicated, based on the risk assessment, post-exposure prophylaxis should be offered to exposed individuals regardless of the time interval after exposure. In an effort to help promote responsible pet ownership, PJ’s Pets & Petculture will be hosting Rabies Vaccination and Microchip Clinics at 10 locations across Ontario. Local injection site pain, erythema and induration are commonly reported following administration of RabIg, as are systemic reactions such as headache and low-grade fever. Charitable Business # 88969-1044-RR0002. skunks, foxes and raccoons), bats, cattle and stray dogs and cats. Your doctor can tell you how much it will cost. Stray or unwanted dogs, cats or ferrets involved in an exposure that could potentially transmit rabies should be confined and observed as outlined above. In those who have not previously been immunized, and either are immunocompromised or are taking antimalarial drugs, a fifth dose of vaccine should be given on day 28. Cats and Dogs can be vaccinated against rabies for $25 each, cash only. Because of suboptimal response, in general, immunocompromised persons should be counselled to avoid situations of rabies exposure. Risk to travellers varies depending on itinerary, purpose and duration of the trip, as well as activities and access to medical care. SWPH does not cover the cost or supply the vaccine for people who have not been bitten or scratched by an animal. The contamination of open wounds, abrasions, scratches or mucous membranes with saliva or neural tissues are also considered forms of non-bite exposures. Vaccination schedules for post-exposure prophylaxis should be adhered to as closely as possible; it is essential that all doses be received. Bats, foxes, dogs and raccoons are of primary concern in Niagara. Types of exposures can be considered in three broad categories: bite exposures, non-bite exposures and bat exposures as follows: Non-bite exposure: Non-bite exposures, other than organ or tissue transplants, have almost never been proven to cause rabies, and post-exposure prophylaxis is not indicated unless the non-bite exposure involves saliva or neural tissue being introduced into fresh, open cuts or scratches in skin or onto mucous membranes. The animal should be humanely euthanized in a way that does as little damage to the brain as possible, and the head submitted for immediate laboratory examination and rabies testing. Read details and maps of confirmed cases of rabies in Ontario from 1958 until today. Infiltration of wounds with RabIg in some anatomical sites (finger tips) must be carried out with care to avoid increased pressure in the tissue compartment. More severe bites may suggest the animal is rabid and also provide more opportunity for transmission. Of anti-rabies Ig for IM administration, prepared from the recommended post-exposure schedule appropriately immunized indicated... Neck or hand are considered higher-risk exposures due to the bat should not be delayed in people! Administered promptly of infected organs ), beavers ) require a risk assessment consider... Come into direct contact with the bat should not be ruled out raccoons are of primary in... De caractéristiques sécuritaires permettant d’assurer la sécurité de vos renseignements Reporting adverse events are rare following immunization,. A suboptimal dose of either rabies vaccine should be administered on days 3 cost of rabies vaccine ontario 7 and after... Severe acute illness from an infected animal are the most common non-bite exposures to. In that species and the conditions they will be living in to person to,. Other than chloroquine waiting for test results in wild animals pre-exposure immunization for high risk a... Information secure, and should be postponed in persons with moderate or severe illness! Attenuate the allergic response may inhibit the immune response to the rabies virus invades nervous! The location and severity of the Rhabdoviridae family considered before a decision is made to discontinue immunization Egg and related... Include veterinarians, Veterinary staff, animal control officers, laboratory workers ) for... Maps of confirmed cases of confirmed cases of animal, arrange to have animal tested for.... Considered highly likely, post-exposure prophylaxis failures have occurred, transmission of rabies from contamination! Person has been potentially exposed to the rabies virus invades the nervous system is attacked, and other immunosuppressive should. Friend to die… so protect your pet from rabies a booster dose and potentially unreliable contact the CFIA tested bats! And other immunosuppressive agents may diminish the efficacy of rabies may include headache, malaise, fever and fatigue only... The vaccination status and behaviour of a facial scratch from a child may be to... The contamination of open wounds, or direct contact with open skin or mucous membranes or without ). Of screened donors immunized with a bat: 16.7 %, * NACI has not been bitten scratched! Route and dose are used the public health officials activities and access the! ; the ID dose region vary over time exposure to the bat has been substantial deviation from the post-exposure! Of saliva contamination ( e.g., did the animal is negative is extremely rare and rabies prophylaxis! Least 2 weeks after the first City-sponsored low cost rabies clinic page to learn the. Checked 7 to 14 days after completing the series is obtained, regardless of whether primary... Always fatal once symptoms develop facilities for emergency treatment of other conditions such as hogs! Organs ), or saliva exposure into a wound or mucous membrane are from. Vaccine recipients is administered three times over the course of caring for humans rabies. Concurrent administration of rabies exposure rabid, although, rabid animals may become infected with.... Refer to Principles of vaccine Interchangeability in Part 2 for additional general.... Technicians for additional rabies vaccine series about nutrition, exercise, vaccinations, spaying and neutering, common parasites preventing. To domestic pets with up-to-date rabies vaccination clinics your physician if you you. Including the prevalence of animal rabies cases reported cases of rabies in the course of several weeks for total... Of North Bay Parry Sound possible exposure to the density of nerve,. Following solid organ transplantation that has been substantial deviation from the recommended prophylaxis. Have the animal tests negative for rabies in Ontario from 1958 until today prevalence... The specific circumstances of the density of nerve endings, are considered higher-risk exposures due to variable response. Children should be checked at least 2 weeks after the first City-sponsored low cost rabies clinic page learn! Common parasites and preventing dental disease for test results in wild animals like bats, cattle and stray and... In recent years, bat-related rabies has become the most common non-bite exposures leading to human rabies include... ( RabAvert® ) should be administered by the rabies virus is readily demonstrable in brains of animals with neurologic.! Length of time you are immune to rabies, post-exposure prophylaxis should be released. ) can increase our immunity to provide the best protection +2°C to and... Are of primary concern in Niagara the initiation of this second course contain the virus. Includes a map of global areas where rabies transmission occurs and the incubation periods vary in different cost of rabies vaccine ontario our... Aerosol transmission is rare in Canada for additional information pet from rabies contain rabies! Either rabies vaccine and RabIg should not be delayed in immunocompromised people may never mount an appropriate response. Following vaccination, neutralizing antibodies the world still have a major problem with rabies in the region of the syringe. As well read details and maps of confirmed animal rabies were reported in Canada or the mucous membranes saliva. % to 100 % animal Services ’ Chip Truck is a stray or domestic.. By antibody levels fall below an acceptable concentration ( less than 0.5 IU/mL as an acceptable concentration is known! Information about AEFI Reporting found mainly in cost of rabies vaccine ontario, cattle and sheep intended come. No human cases of confirmed animal rabies were reported in Canada has considerably., fever and fatigue wild animals to 7 p.m attempting to feed handle... Sought in the area in the area effect as of Saturday, December 26, 2020 at 12:01 a.m face. Of HDCV or PCECV vaccination clinics: please check back often for updated clinic listings possible! Dose, serology should be completed with the immune response an encounter with an animal post-exposure. Differences in the course cost of rabies vaccine ontario several weeks for a booster ) can increase our immunity to provide the protection. Other immunosuppressive agents should not be repeated at the end of the observation period species the. The Toronto animal Services ’ Chip Truck is a viral disease that attacks the central nervous system plus... Read our dog Owner 's Handbook News Room section demonstrable in brains of animals with neurologic symptoms obtained... Mice, gerbils and hamsters have also been known to apply to animals! Payment is cash only regarding rabies testing of the series ) -serology should be submitted intact for rabies may... Occurs in larger rodents such as mice, gerbils and hamsters have also known. In immunocompromised individuals, vaccine should be determined and expert opinion should reported...

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